B.B. Chocolat: Chocolate Bears (20-Feb-2006)

Rev. 21-Jul-2009 12:03:58

Lid shows three teddy bears, "B.B. CHOCOLAT The Chocolate workshop. 18, Rue de la GRAN MARNIE." Next to the bears it says "Teddy Bears since 1957." This is a tin of chocolates that Inoue-san gave to me at the end of Animé Los Angeles 2.
(Monday 20-Feb-2006)

I waited until our Animé Los Angeles concom meeting to open them up and share them around.

3878-02, 3878-03, 3878-04.
The chocolates are actually in the shape of little bears. Most of them, anyway; one is shaped like a rabbit.
(Monday 20-Feb-2006)

The inside of the lid says "Teddy Bears - 18, RUE de la GRAN MARNIE. Pretty work of art the CHOCOLATES tastes very good. B B CHOCOLAT - The Chocolate workshop - Since 1957. (C) Studio Corgi."
(Monday 20-Feb-2006)