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Danny Lieberman.
(Sunday 15-Jan-2006 14:49:48)

Suggested caption: ""It's Sunday, and you want to ENTER something in the Art Show?"

Elaine Brennan, Terry Fong.
(Sunday 15-Jan-2006 14:50:24)

Lincoln Kliman.
(Sunday 15-Jan-2006 14:50:46)

Deb Geisler having a smoke outside in the cold.
(Sunday 15-Jan-2006 14:57:50)

Alas, the art show is over. This is what the art show bays looked like.
(Sunday 15-Jan-2006 15:02:32)

You can't really get a good picture of the underground...
(Sunday 15-Jan-2006 15:14:30)

They had these little work desk areas at the airport terminal. I got caught up on uploading the last of my pictures here.
(Sunday 15-Jan-2006 16:49:22)

Changing plains at Phoenix. The carts had this automatic locking mechanism -- you had to squeeze both sides of the brake release handles to move them.
(Sunday 15-Jan-2006 21:47:18)

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