Dorothy's Quilt for Thomas and Johnna (12-Feb-2005)

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3053-01 (lost: quilt003.jpg), 3053-02 (lost: quilt004.jpg).
Dorothy Bullard holding up the quilt she made for Thomas and Johnna (our brother and sister-in-law).
(Saturday 12-Feb-2005 10:48)

3053-03 (lost: quilt005.jpg), 3053-04 (lost: quilt006.jpg).
The quilt. Dorothy's own design. She'll be entering it in the Orange County Fair's competition.
(Saturday 12-Feb-2005 10:48, 10:49)

3053-05 (lost: quilt007.jpg), 3053-07 (lost: quilt009.jpg).
Detail showing some of the fancy stitching on the back, in the shapes of birds, hearts, and so forth.
(Saturday 12-Feb-2005 10:50)

3053-06 (lost: quilt008.jpg)
Dorothy Bullard with the quilt.
(Saturday 12-Feb-2005 10:50)

3053-08 (lost: quilt010.jpg), 3053-09 (lost: quilt011.jpg).
Dorothy Bullard folding up the quilt.
(Wednesday 16-Feb-2005 21:33)