Working on Maria's Civil War Clothes (Feb/Apr-2005)

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3049-7, Maria in her Civil War underwear3049-8, Maria in her Civil War underwear
3049-07 (lost: maria297.jpg), 3049-08 (lost: maria298.jpg).
Maria Rodriguez in her Civil War underwear
(Wednesday 16-Feb-2005 21:33)

3049-13049-01 (lost: home143.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez shows something to Lynn Baden on the computer.
(Sunday 10-Apr-2005 13:20)

3049-02 (lost: home144.jpg), 3049-03 (lost: home145.jpg), 3049-04 (lost: home146.jpg).
Maria and Lynn put spots on her dress.
(Sunday 10-Apr-2005 17:17)

3049-53049-05 (lost: home147.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez horses around with a strawberry moustache.
(Sunday 10-Apr-2005 18:19)

3049-63049-06 (lost: home148.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez, Lynn Baden doing stripes.
(Sunday 10-Apr-2005 20:43)