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3007-13007-01 high-res image
John Varley.
(Friday 25-Mar-2005)

3007-23007-02 high-res image
Lee Emmett.
(Friday 25-Mar-2005)

3007-33007-03 high-res image
John Varley and Vivek Bansal.
(Friday 25-Mar-2005)

3007-43007-04 high-res image
Alan Lutton and Jennifer Nissen, with Corby Kennard in background.
(Friday 25-Mar-2005)

Christy Flora writes: "I am looking for Jenn Nissen...who attended Camp Tapawingo in Maine in/around 1989. We were great friends for a summer... If this might be her, could you forward my email address to her?" (July 2006). And, Merian Burke (de la Gardelle) writes: "I think the person in the background might be my cousin. I miss him and wish to get in contact with him." (July 2006) -- Jennifer, Corby, write me and I'll put you in touch with your friends and family.

3007-53007-05 high-res image
Hans Hornstein.
(Friday 25-Mar-2005)

3007-63007-06 high-res image
Christine Hay and Maren Hart.
(Friday 25-Mar-2005)

3007-73007-07 high-res image
Someone, Ron Ontell, and Anastasia Hunter.
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(Friday 25-Mar-2005)

3007-83007-08 high-res image
Glen Wooten, Alan Lutton.
(Friday 25-Mar-2005)

3007-93007-09 high-res image
Penny Beveridge and Doug Connelly.
(Friday 25-Mar-2005)

3007-103007-10 high-res image
Pearl Stickler and Nancy Hay (formerly known as Nancy Klauschie).
(Friday 25-Mar-2005)

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