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2973-12973-01 (lost: chees286.jpg)
"Lady Phoenix" (Allie Johnson).
(Saturday 19-Mar-2005 19:20)

2973-22973-02 (lost: chees287.jpg)
Captain Eno.
(Saturday 19-Mar-2005 19:22)

2973-32973-03 (lost: chees288.jpg)
Captain Eno.
(Saturday 19-Mar-2005 19:22)

2973-42973-04 (lost: chees289.jpg)
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(Saturday 19-Mar-2005 19:23)

2973-52973-05 (lost: chees290.jpg)
Eric Trueheart.
(Saturday 19-Mar-2005 19:32)

2973-62973-06 (lost: chees225.jpg)
Tim Walker ("Captain Shady")
(Saturday 19-Mar-2005 19:32)

2973-72973-07 (lost: chees291.jpg)
(Saturday 19-Mar-2005 19:37)

2973-8, Cheese Awards2973-08 (lost: chees226.jpg)
Tim Walker ("Captain Shady"), Noosha Niv, Matt Shaw. [Photo by TMI]
(Saturday 19-Mar-2005 19:43)

2973-9, photo by TMI2973-09 (lost: chees227.jpg)
Cheesy Awards. [Photos by TMI.]
(Saturday 19-Mar-2005)

2973-10, photo by TMI2973-10 (lost: chees228.jpg)
"More Cheesy Awards and a Globe that nobody got to take home. Later I stole it and to this day I tell gullible children that it was my precious cheesy award." [Photo by TMI]
(Saturday 19-Mar-2005)

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