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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

2972-12972-01 (lost: easter058.jpg)
Colleen Crosby, Shawn Crosby.
(Sunday 13-Mar-2005 18:24)

2972-22972-02 (lost: easter059.jpg)
Glen Olson, young Jonathan Olson and Janis Olson.
(Sunday 13-Mar-2005 18:25)

2972-32972-03 (lost: easter060.jpg)
Allison Hershey, Glenn Glazer.
(Sunday 13-Mar-2005 18:26)

2972-42972-04 (lost: easter061.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez, Glenn Glazer.
(Sunday 13-Mar-2005 18:28)

2972-52972-05 (lost: easter062.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez.
(Sunday 13-Mar-2005 18:28)

2972-62972-06 (lost: easter063.jpg)
Glenn Glazer, Allison Hershey.
(Sunday 13-Mar-2005 18:29)

2972-72972-07 (lost: easter064.jpg)
Bill Ellern, Anne Morrel.
(Sunday 13-Mar-2005 18:33)

2972-82972-08 (lost: easter065.jpg)
(Sunday 13-Mar-2005 18:33)

2972-92972-09 (lost: easter066.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez.
(Sunday 13-Mar-2005 20:19)

2972-102972-10 (lost: easter067.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez, Lynn Baden.
(Sunday 13-Mar-2005 20:19)

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