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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

2805-12805-01 (lost: hotel010.jpg)
Standing outside Plaza Tower, looking east. This is a brick stage area, usually used for wedding photos. I'd call this Gathering place #1.
(Saturday 01-Jan-2005 15:45)

2805-32805-03 (lost: hotel012.jpg)
Standing outside Plaza Tower, standing further westward, looking northeast. You can see the entrance to the ballroom area, the glass wall of one of the ballrooms, and part of the brick stage. And I'm standing on a grassy lawn.
(Saturday 01-Jan-2005 15:46)

2805-22805-02 (lost: hotel011.jpg)
Standing on the lawn, looking west. There's this concrete fountain thing at the end of the lawn. A group could stand in front or on the edge of the fountain. (Just don't step backwards into the water.) I'd call this Gathering place #2.
(Saturday 01-Jan-2005 15:45)

2805-42805-04 (lost: hotel013.jpg)
The "brook" on the other side of the fountain. I'm looking east.
(Saturday 01-Jan-2005 15:46)

2805-72805-07 (lost: hotel017.jpg)
The north side of the rocky brook. There's a path around the north side of it, and as you can see it's slightly higher than the south side (right side of picture). A group could stand on the flagstone path or on the rocks on that side, and be viewed (or photographed) by people standing on the south side of the water. I'd call this gathering place #3.
(Saturday 01-Jan-2005 15:48)

2805-52805-05 (lost: hotel015.jpg)
And finally, west of the brook area (this picture taken facing west) there's an enclosure with two spas. (The main big pool is on the other side of the main hotel building.)
(Saturday 01-Jan-2005 15:47)

2805-62805-06 (lost: hotel016.jpg)
There's a broad open area next to the two spas. I'm looking northeast here. You can see a little bit of the landscape (grass, rocks) from around the rocky brook.
(Saturday 01-Jan-2005 15:47)

2805-82805-08 (lost: hotel021.jpg)
Trees in the parking lot immediately north of the Plaza Tower. (The previous photos had all been taken on the south side.)
(Saturday 01-Jan-2005 15:52)

2805-92805-09 (lost: hotel022.jpg)
View from the west side of the Plaza Tower, looking east. The Plaza Tower is on the left -- the lucky people who get the rooms on the end of the tower get the balconies -- and on the right you can see the back concrete wall of the spa area.
(Saturday 01-Jan-2005 15:54)

2805-102805-10 (lost: hotel023.jpg)
A "NAVY" plane parked in the aircraft tie-down area next to the hotel.
(Saturday 01-Jan-2005 15:55)

2805-112805-11 (lost: hotel024.jpg)
The sign that you would see if you were on the airport side of the fence. There's a phone right next to this sign, and a gate; if you happen to fly into Van Nuys Airport, pick up the phone and the hotel will buzz you through the gate.
(Saturday 01-Jan-2005 15:57)

2805-122805-12 (lost: hotel025.jpg)
Building at the end of the aircraft tie-down area. A landmark to look for if you fly in and you're trying to spot where you're going to find the hotel's gate.
(Saturday 01-Jan-2005 15:59)

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