After the Civic got totalled (06-Dec-2004)

Rev. 21-Jul-2009 12:03:58

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I went to the impound yard to get our belongings out of the Honda Civic, before it was taken off to be repaired or totalled. (It was totalled out.) The yard had this interesting cart they let me borrow for the purpose.
(Sunday 05-Dec-2004 12:14)

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From this angle, you can see that the passenger door doesn't close anymore.
(Sunday 05-Dec-2004 12:14)

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You can see most of the damage from this side. Crunchville.
(Sunday 05-Dec-2004 12:15)

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A closer view of that door situation. Note that it's been raining -- not good for the interior of a car that won't close all the way.
(Sunday 05-Dec-2004 12:15)