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2851-12851-01 high-res image
Gina Palmer on my neighbor's farm-style wagon.
(Sunday 28-Nov-2004 16:52)

2851-22851-02 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez at dinner.
(Sunday 28-Nov-2004 18:20)

2851-32851-03 high-res image
Pat Larson, Eric Larson.
(Sunday 28-Nov-2004 18:20)

2851-42851-04 high-res image
Shawn Crosby.
(Sunday 28-Nov-2004 18:21)

2851-52851-05 high-res image
Colleen Crosby, Chaz Boston Baden.
(Sunday 28-Nov-2004 18:22)

2851-62851-06 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden, Lynn Baden.
(Sunday 28-Nov-2004 18:22)

2851-72851-07 high-res image
Robbie Bourget, waitress.
(Sunday 28-Nov-2004 18:22)

2851-82851-08 high-res image
Robbie Bourget has a short time to have dinner before her flight leaves.
(Sunday 28-Nov-2004 18:24)

2851-92851-09 high-res image
Nick Smith at left, Shawn Crosby in foreground, Alison Stern laughing, Cathy Mullican (Menolly) in red jacket.
(Sunday 28-Nov-2004 19:21)

2851-102851-10 high-res image
Michael Mason (the last picture I ever took of him), Shawn, and Tony Benoun.
(Sunday 28-Nov-2004 19:21)

2851-112851-11 high-res image
Deanna Bayless, Karen Anderson, and Arlene Satin.
(Sunday 28-Nov-2004 19:22)

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