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Thanks to Wendy Newton, Jordan Brown, Albert C. Baker III, Karl Lembke, Michael Karpenske for caption help on this page.

2847-1, Maria Rodriguez2847-01 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez
(Friday 26-Nov-2004 23:17)

2847-2, Elizabeth Baird and Michael Reed2847-02 high-res image
Elizabeth Baird and Michael Reed
(Friday 26-Nov-2004 23:20)

2847-3, Chain2847-4, Chain
2847-03 high-res image, 2847-04 high-res image.
Jesse "Chain" Campbell
(Friday 26-Nov-2004 23:30)

2847-52847-05 high-res image
BayCon party room. They're pretty much shut down.
(Saturday 27-Nov-2004 01:46)

2847-62847-06 high-res image
The Fourth Conjecture party.
(Saturday 27-Nov-2004 01:55)

2847-72847-07 high-res image
Drew in front sitting on floor next to Christian. Inside, Karl Lembke (obscured) just inside the door, two people in the far background, and Kevin at right with thumb up.
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(Saturday 27-Nov-2004 01:58)

2847-82847-08 high-res image
Karl Lembke at the Loscon 32 party. Melina Levesque behind Karl.
(Saturday 27-Nov-2004 01:59)

2847-92847-09 high-res image
Brian Gitt, Wendy Newton, and Chris Fleming.
(Saturday 27-Nov-2004 02:00)

2847-102847-10 high-res image
Cathy Mullican ("Menolly") and Albert C. Baker III.
(Saturday 27-Nov-2004 02:42)

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