Friends of the Family (Jan/Jun/Oct-2004)

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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

2839-4, Monica Maytorena2839-04 (lost: frn004.jpg)
Monica Maytorena
(Wednesday 14-Jan-2004 23:46)

2839-5, Selina2839-6, Selina
2839-05 (lost: selina037.jpg), 2839-06 (lost: selina038.jpg).
Selina Phanara joined me for lunch at Claim Jumper's in Irvine.
(Wednesday 23-Jun-2004 13:26)

2839-7, Chaz2839-8, Chaz
2839-07 (lost: selina039.jpg), 2839-08 (lost: selina040.jpg).
Chaz Boston Baden at Claim Jumper's in Irvine. [Photo by Selina Phanara]
(Wednesday 23-Jun-2004 13:27)

2839-1, Shawn Mulligan, Shawn Crosby2839-2, Shawn Mulligan, Shawn Crosby
2839-01 high-res image, 2839-02 (lost: frn002.jpg).
Shawn Mulligan, Shawn Crosby
(Thursday 28-Oct-2004 13:24)

2839-3, Shawn Crosby2839-03 (lost: frn003.jpg)
Shawn Crosby
(Thursday 28-Oct-2004 13:25)