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Thanks to Wendy Newton, Jordan Brown for caption help on this page.

2827-12827-01 high-res image
Jess Miller, Allison in background, Terry Newton and Joyce Sperling (obscured).
(Saturday 31-Jan-2004 13:16)

2827-22827-02 high-res image
Joyce Sperling, Joyce Barnes, Kris Bauer.
(Saturday 31-Jan-2004 13:17)

2827-32827-03 high-res image
Janis Olson, Edward Hooper.
(Saturday 31-Jan-2004 13:17)

2827-42827-04 high-res image
Kimberlee Brown, Treasurer, hard at work.
(Saturday 31-Jan-2004 13:17)

2827-52827-05 high-res image
Karl Lembke at his computer, and Michael Mason.
(Saturday 31-Jan-2004 13:17)

2827-62827-06 high-res image
Mark Poliner and Anna Kaye in background; Joe Zeff in forground.
(Saturday 31-Jan-2004 13:18)

2827-72827-07 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. Liz and Kimberlee can be seen in the background.
(Saturday 31-Jan-2004 13:18)

2827-82827-08 high-res image
Scott Beckstead.
(Saturday 31-Jan-2004 13:19)

2827-92827-09 high-res image
Cathy Beckstead.
(Saturday 31-Jan-2004 13:36)

2827-102827-10 high-res image
Darrel L. Exline ("It is now safe to turn off your computer.") and Cathy Mullican ("Menolly").
(Saturday 31-Jan-2004 14:18)

2827-112827-11 high-res image
A dollar bill flew out of my hands and blew up onto the roof of the IHOP!
(Saturday 31-Jan-2004 15:31)

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