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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Stephanie Bannon for caption help on this page.

2803-1, Cathy Mullican (Menolly) at table2803-01 (lost: copp264.jpg)
Cathy Mullican (Menolly) at table
(Sunday 12-Sep-2004 12:26)

2803-2, Chaz Boston Baden2803-02 (lost: copp265.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden
(Sunday 12-Sep-2004 12:26)

2803-3, I Am An Adult shirt2803-03 (lost: copp266.jpg)
I Am An Adult shirt
(Sunday 12-Sep-2004 12:26)

2803-4, Boxes2803-04 (lost: copp267.jpg)
(Sunday 12-Sep-2004 12:27)

2803-5, Mike Willmoth2803-05 (lost: copp268.jpg)
Mike Willmoth
(Sunday 12-Sep-2004 12:51)

2803-62803-06 (lost: copp269.jpg)
Sean Martin.
(Sunday 12-Sep-2004 13:03)

2803-72803-07 (lost: copp270.jpg)
Sean Martin.
(Sunday 12-Sep-2004 13:04)

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