Party at Elaine & Dale's House (03-Jul-2004)

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Rev. 19-Aug-2009 15:19:34

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph and Dan Spisak.

2744-1, Maria Rodriguez2744-01 (lost: evdv004.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez
(Saturday 03-Jul-2004 20:05)

2744-2, Jeff Avella2744-02 (lost: evdv005.jpg)
Jeff Avella
(Saturday 03-Jul-2004 20:28)

2744-3, Joe Cache2744-03 (lost: evdv006.jpg)
Joe Cache
(Saturday 03-Jul-2004 20:51)

2744-42744-04 (lost: evdv007.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Joe Cache]
(Saturday 03-Jul-2004 20:52)

2744-52744-05 (high-res image lost)
Back of Chip's t-shirt says "Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Cheap Tequila."
(Saturday 03-Jul-2004 20:58)

2744-62744-06 high-res image
Chip London.
(Saturday 03-Jul-2004 20:58)