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2734-102734-10 (lost: car089.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez, Lynn Baden, and Maria's car.
(Sunday 22-Aug-2004)

2734-112734-11 (lost: car090.jpg)
Lynn Baden in a new outfit.
(Sunday 22-Aug-2004)

2734-1, Chaz Boston Baden.2734-01 (lost: bday066.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden.
(Wednesday 25-Aug-2004 12:58)

2734-2, Kim Bergdahl.2734-02 (lost: bday067.jpg)
Kim Bergdahl.
(Wednesday 25-Aug-2004 12:59)

2734-3, Colleen Crosby, Shawn Mulligan.2734-03 (lost: bday068.jpg)
Colleen Crosby, Shawn Mulligan.
(Wednesday 25-Aug-2004 13:00)

2734-4, Shawn Mulligan.2734-04 (lost: bday069.jpg)
Shawn Mulligan.
(Wednesday 25-Aug-2004 13:17)

2734-5, Wil Baden, Jocelyn Baden.2734-05 (lost: bday070.jpg)
Wil Baden, Jocelyn Baden.
(Thursday 26-Aug-2004 15:14)

2734-6, Wil Baden.2734-7, Wil Baden.2734-8, Wil Baden.2734-9, Wil Baden.
2734-06 (lost: bday071.jpg), 2734-07 (lost: bday072.jpg), 2734-08 (lost: bday073.jpg), 2734-09 (lost: bday074.jpg).
Wil Baden.
(Thursday 26-Aug-2004 15:14, 15:15, 15:16)

2734-122734-12 (lost: couch001.jpg)
The new living room couch arrives.
(Saturday 28-Aug-2004)

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