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Thanks to Regina Reynante for caption help on this page.

2724-11, ext. of temple2724-11 high-res image
Exterior of temple.
(Saturday 21-Aug-2004 13:26)

2724-12724-01 high-res image
Ariel Reynante.
(Saturday 21-Aug-2004 12:59)

2724-22724-02 high-res image
Jonathan Olson on Glen Olson's shoulder.
(Saturday 21-Aug-2004 13:00)

2724-42724-04 high-res image
Paul Gibbons.
(Saturday 21-Aug-2004 13:01)

2724-62724-06 high-res image
Crystal Schuette
(Saturday 21-Aug-2004 13:03)

2724-72724-07 high-res image
Little Caitlin Schuette.
(Saturday 21-Aug-2004 13:03)

2724-82724-08 high-res image
Janis Olson.
(Saturday 21-Aug-2004 13:04)

2724-92724-09 high-res image
Regina Reynante, Steve Hopwood.
(Saturday 21-Aug-2004 13:04)

2724-102724-10 high-res image
Carl D. (Last name withheld by request.)
(Saturday 21-Aug-2004 13:05)

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