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2592-01 high-res image, 2592-02 high-res image, 2592-03 (lost: ax580.jpg), 2592-04 high-res image.
Thea Teufel and "Hatake Kakashi" wig made by Katie Bair.
(Monday 05-Jul-2004 15:27)

2592-52592-05 (lost: ax582.jpg)
Michael Smith and Joseph Perez.
(Monday 05-Jul-2004 15:31)

2592-62592-06 (lost: ax583.jpg)
Skratulia as Sailor Neptune and John Yamamoto as "Kirby" from "Kirby's Dream Land" video game, a big pink thing.
(Monday 05-Jul-2004 15:41)

2592-72592-07 high-res image
Vicky Shapero in background and Alyssa Few with blue hair as "J.J. Adams" from OAV_Fake and Chris Castling in red.
(Monday 05-Jul-2004 15:48)

2592-82592-08 (lost: ax585.jpg)
Vicky Shapero, Lauren Cook, Christianne Waggoner, and Chris Castling in red as "Alucard" from Hellsing.
(Monday 05-Jul-2004 15:51)

2592-92592-09 (lost: ax586.jpg)
Christina Sullivan in yellow coat.
(Monday 05-Jul-2004 15:55)

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