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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Peter Weston for caption help on this page.

2522-1, Rog Peyton2522-01 (lost: weston009.jpg)
Rog Peyton
(Saturday 10-Apr-2004)

2522-2, Catherine Pickersgill2522-02 (lost: weston010.jpg)
Catherine Pickersgill
(Saturday 10-Apr-2004)

2522-3, Greg Pickersgill2522-4, Greg Pickersgill
2522-03 (lost: weston011.jpg), 2522-04 (lost: weston012.jpg).
Greg Pickersgill
(Saturday 10-Apr-2004)

2522-5, Mark Plummer2522-05 (lost: weston013.jpg)
Mark Plummer
(Saturday 10-Apr-2004)

2522-6, Roger Robinson2522-06 (lost: weston014.jpg)
Roger Robinson
(Saturday 10-Apr-2004)

2522-7, Ina Shorrock2522-07 (lost: weston015.jpg)
Ina Shorrock
(Saturday 10-Apr-2004)

2522-82522-08 (lost: weston016.jpg)
Alice Lawson, Steve Lawson.
(Saturday 10-Apr-2004)

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