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2510-01 (lost: lib153mmiv.jpg), 2510-02 (lost: lib154mmiv.jpg), 2510-03 (lost: lib155mmiv.jpg).
Danis Kreimeier waits to be dunked.
(Saturday 12-Jun-2004 14:53)

2510-4, Splash!2510-04 (lost: lib156mmiv.jpg)
(Saturday 12-Jun-2004 14:54)

2510-5, Getting back up2510-05 (lost: lib157mmiv.jpg)
Danis Kreimeier getting back up
(Saturday 12-Jun-2004 15:02)

2510-6, Maria Rodriguez2510-06 (lost: lib158mmiv.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez
(Saturday 12-Jun-2004 15:05)

2510-7, Chaz Boston Baden2510-07 (lost: lib159mmiv.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden
(Saturday 12-Jun-2004 15:06)

2510-8, Danis Kreimeier after2510-08 (lost: lib160mmiv.jpg)
Danis Kreimeier after
(Saturday 12-Jun-2004 15:06)

2510-9, Ozgun Tumer2510-09 (lost: lib161mmiv.jpg)
Ozgun Tumer
(Saturday 12-Jun-2004 15:07)

2510-102510-10 (lost: lib162mmiv.jpg)
Vickie Afram, packing things up after it's all over.
(Saturday 12-Jun-2004 15:25)

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