Upgrading our Mattress (Apr-2004)

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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

2488-1, Mattress--'The Rock'2488-01 high-res image
Mattress--"The Rock"
(Sunday 04-Apr-2004 14:30)

2488-22488-02 high-res image
We went shopping for a new mattress, because Lynn's side was hurting from how bad our old one was.
(Sunday 04-Apr-2004 14:30)

2488-32488-03 high-res image
Lynn trying out one of the mattresses. She was doing the whole "princess and the pea" thing trying to find one soft enough to cushion her tender hip.
(Sunday 04-Apr-2004 14:31)

2488-42488-04 high-res image
This mattress is called "Excelsior." I hope that doesn't mean it's filled with wood shavings...
(Sunday 04-Apr-2004 14:31)

2488-52488-05 high-res image
And here's "Honor." Honestly, I don't know how they name these things. Lynn Baden's testing it out, of course.
(Sunday 04-Apr-2004 14:32)

2488-6, Lynn Baden stands next to our enormous bed2488-06 high-res image
Lynn Baden stands next to our enormous bed. It was delivered and set up while I was at work one day, and when I came home I found this enormous comfy thing in our bedroom. I have to jump up to get in - if I sit on the side of the bed, my feet dangle over the side and don't reach the floor.
(Thursday 08-Apr-2004 20:14)

2488-7, Lynn on new mattress2488-07 high-res image
Lynn on new mattress. It doesn't look so high if you get up a bit to take the picture.
(Thursday 08-Apr-2004 20:14)

2488-8, lynn092 Lynn's New Dress2488-08 (lost: lynn092.jpg)
Lynn Baden's new dress. On an unrelated note, Lynn went shopping the next week, so here she is.
(Wednesday 14-Apr-2004 21:26)