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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

2428-01, 2428-02, 2428-03 (lost: faire193.jpg).
Maria Rodriguez, Lynn Baden.
(Sunday 09-May-2004 10:46)

2428-42428-04 (lost: faire194.jpg)
Lynn Baden adusts her costume.
(Sunday 09-May-2004 11:43)

2428-52428-05 (lost: faire195.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez, ready to go in the gates.
(Sunday 09-May-2004 11:43)

Chaz Boston Baden, ready to go into the Faire.
(Sunday 09-May-2004 11:44)

2428-72428-07 (lost: faire197.jpg)
Lynn and Maria heading for the main entrance.
(Sunday 09-May-2004 11:54)

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