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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

2330-04 (lost: colleen007.jpg), 2330-05 high-res image offline.
Colleen Crosby enoying an absolutely delicious salad at Claim Jumper.
(Thursday 26-Feb-2004)

2330-62330-06 (lost: colleen008.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Colleen Crosby]
(Thursday 26-Feb-2004)

Lynn Baden on the night we all went to see "Sideshow."
(Friday 19-Mar-2004 22:28)

2330-22330-02 (lost: sideshow002.jpg)
Colleen Crosby, Maria Rodriguez. Colleen, Maria, and Kim had worked on the show's costumes as part of their costuming class.
(Friday 19-Mar-2004 22:28)

2330-32330-03 (lost: sideshow003.jpg)
Lynn Baden, Kim Bergdahl, Chaz Boston Baden.
(Friday 19-Mar-2004 22:29)

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