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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to C. Kevin Kellogg, Cathy Hunt, Ben Massoglia, Anonymous for caption help on this page.

2323-1, Cathy Hunt, Lee Whiteside in background2323-01 (lost: cdrxi086.jpg)
Cathy Hunt, Lee Whiteside in background
(Sunday 29-Feb-2004 13:12)

2323-2, Rachael Linker.2323-02 (lost: cdrxi087.jpg)
Rachael Linker.
(Sunday 29-Feb-2004 13:13)

2323-3, Cathy Hunt and friend.2323-03 (lost: cdrxi088.jpg)
(Name not provided) and Cathy Hunt
(Sunday 29-Feb-2004 13:13)

2323-4, Allison Lonsdale2323-04 (lost: cdrxi089.jpg)
Allison Lonsdale
(Sunday 29-Feb-2004 14:00)

2323-5, Scott Beckstead2323-05 (lost: cdrxi090.jpg)
Scott Beckstead
(Sunday 29-Feb-2004 14:07)

2323-6, Joan Steward2323-06 (lost: cdrxi091.jpg)
Joan Steward
(Sunday 29-Feb-2004 14:07)

2323-7, Patrick Beckstead2323-07 (lost: cdrxi092.jpg)
Patrick Beckstead
(Sunday 29-Feb-2004 14:08)

2323-08 (lost: cdrxi093.jpg), 2323-09 (lost: cdrxi094.jpg).
Fran Mack at Art Show register
(Sunday 29-Feb-2004 14:30)

2323-10, Eric Gerds, Elizabeth Gerds2323-10 (lost: cdrxi095.jpg)
Eric Gerds, Elizabeth Gerds
(Sunday 29-Feb-2004 14:38)

2323-11, Sue Dawe2323-11 (lost: cdrxi096.jpg)
Sue Dawe
(Sunday 29-Feb-2004 14:47)

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