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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Cathy Mullican for caption help on this page.

2315-1, Ironing board makes a nice sideboard2315-01 (lost: cdrxi013.jpg)
Ironing board makes a nice sideboard
(Friday 27-Feb-2004 20:06)

2315-2, Outside the L.A.con IV party2315-02 (lost: cdrxi014.jpg)
Outside the L.A.con IV party
(Friday 27-Feb-2004 20:06)

2315-3, Sue Dawe2315-03 (lost: cdrxi015.jpg)
Sue Dawe
(Friday 27-Feb-2004 20:09)

2315-42315-04 (lost: cdrxi016.jpg)
David Mills in chair in corner, someone else on floor foreground.
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(Friday 27-Feb-2004 21:14)

2315-52315-05 (lost: cdrxi017.jpg)
Nadine Armstrong, from the Arizona Westercon. They want to exhibit the Fan Gallery.
(Friday 27-Feb-2004 21:52)

2315-6, Lynn Baden2315-06 (lost: cdrxi018.jpg)
Lynn Baden
(Friday 27-Feb-2004 22:54)

2315-7, Bart Marchand2315-07 (lost: cdrxi019.jpg)
Bart Marchand
(Friday 27-Feb-2004 22:54)

2315-8, Pete Amend2315-08 (lost: cdrxi020.jpg)
Pete Amend
(Friday 27-Feb-2004 22:55)

2315-9, Keith Thompson2315-09 (lost: cdrxi021.jpg)
Keith Thompson
(Friday 27-Feb-2004 22:55)

2315-10, R-Laurraine Tutihasi2315-10 (lost: cdrxi022.jpg)
R-Laurraine Tutihasi
(Friday 27-Feb-2004 22:56)

2315-11, Chaz2315-11 (lost: cdrxi023.jpg)
(Friday 27-Feb-2004 22:57)

2315-12, Mickey rubbing Kevin A. Murphy's scalp2315-12 (lost: cdrxi024.jpg)
Mickey rubbing Kevin Andrew Murphy's scalp
(Friday 27-Feb-2004 23:29)

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