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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

2280-12280-01 (lost: scifi098.jpg)
My last SCIFI meeting was held at Elizabeth and Jerome's house.
(Saturday 24-Jan-2004 12:21)

2280-22280-02 (lost: scifi099.jpg)
Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink.
(Saturday 24-Jan-2004 12:22)

2280-32280-03 (lost: scifi100.jpg)
Bobbi Armbruster, Sandy Cohen.
(Saturday 24-Jan-2004 12:23)

2280-42280-04 (lost: scifi101.jpg)
Christian B. McGuire, chairing the first part of the meeting.
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(Saturday 24-Jan-2004 12:26)

2280-52280-05 (lost: scifi102.jpg)
Brett Achorn, our new chairman of the board.
(Saturday 24-Jan-2004 12:30)

2280-62280-06 (lost: scifi103.jpg)
Brett Achorn, seated; Jerome Scott, standing.
(Saturday 24-Jan-2004 12:52)

2280-72280-07 (lost: scifi104.jpg)
Christian B. McGuire, sitting in the regular director section.
(Saturday 24-Jan-2004 12:53)

Jim in background, Mike Donahue, and Cathy Beckstead.
(Saturday 24-Jan-2004 13:11)

2280-92280-09 (lost: scifi106.jpg)
Kathryn (obscured), Craig Miller, Kimberlee Brown, Jim Briggs.
(Saturday 24-Jan-2004 13:50)

2280-102280-10 (lost: scifi107.jpg)
Kathryn Daugherty, one of our new members.
(Saturday 24-Jan-2004 13:51)

2280-112280-11 (lost: scifi108.jpg)
Sandy Cohen, taking minutes.
(Saturday 24-Jan-2004 13:51)

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