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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

2265-1, Tadao Tomomatsu and the Tower of Menus2265-01 (lost: soll893.jpg)
Tadao Tomomatsu and the Tower of Menus
(Thursday 08-Jan-2004 23:36)

2265-2, Edward Hooper, Joyce Barnes Hooper2265-02 (lost: soll894.jpg)
Edward Hooper, Joyce Hooper (formerly known as Joyce Barnes).
(Thursday 22-Jan-2004 22:49)

2265-32265-03 (lost: soll895.jpg)
Looking at wedding photos on my laptop.
(Thursday 22-Jan-2004 22:51)

2265-4, Christian McGuire2265-04 (lost: soll896.jpg)
Christian B. McGuire
(Thursday 22-Jan-2004 22:51)

2265-05 (lost: soll897.jpg), 2265-06 (lost: soll898.jpg).
George Van Wagner, Vanessa Van Wagner.
(Thursday 22-Jan-2004 22:51)

2265-72265-07 (lost: soll899.jpg)
John De Chancie pearing from behind George Van Wagner and Vanessa Van Wagner.
(Thursday 22-Jan-2004 23:04)

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