Miscellaneous Part 31 (Jan/Mar-2004)

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2263-1, Paul's Hot Bar2263-2, Paul's Hot Bar
2263-01 (lost: salsa01.jpg), 2263-02 (lost: salsa02.jpg).
Paul's Hot Bar
(Sunday 04-Jan-2004 19:34, 19:35)

2263-3, ''I think you misunderstood me'' cartoon.2263-03 (lost: toon01.jpg)
"I think you misunderstood me" cartoon.
(Friday 09-Jan-2004)

2263-42263-04 (lost: sdsfc193.jpg)
French's Bakery of Costa Mesa now has a storefront in Orange.
(Thursday 15-Jan-2004 10:05)

2263-52263-05 (lost: sdsfc195.jpg)
Bread teddy bear at French's.
(Thursday 15-Jan-2004 10:21)

2263-62263-06 (lost: sdsfc194.jpg)
Trader Joe's in Orange - they're building a permanent sample kitchen in the corner.
(Thursday 15-Jan-2004 10:10)

2263-07 (lost: car087.jpg), 2263-08 (lost: car088.jpg).
Liz's new car.
(Saturday 31-Jan-2004)

2263-92263-09 (lost: endo001.jpg)
Endo x-ray rig, which uses an x-ray sensor connected to a computer.
(Tuesday 23-Mar-2004 12:17)