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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph and Tim Frayser.

Thanks to Anonymous for caption help on this page.

2262-12262-01 (lost: dee158.jpg)
Russ Kleinowski.
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 23:16)

2262-22262-02 (lost: dee159.jpg)
'Ralphie' (David Williams) in red NASCAR cap.
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 23:17)

2262-32262-03 (lost: dee160.jpg)
Someone and somebody.
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(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 23:18)

2262-42262-04 (lost: dee161.jpg)
Mike Weaver.
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 23:19)

Nancy Nutt ('N-Squared').
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 23:19)

2262-06 (lost: dee163.jpg), 2262-07 (lost: dee164.jpg).
Linnea Holton with 'Roma' scarf.
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 23:23)

2262-82262-08 (lost: dee165.jpg)
Rick Urdiales with 'Phantom Limb Press' t-shirt.
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 23:31)

Sharleen Lehotsky playing 'Tempest'.
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 23:32)

2262-102262-10 (lost: dee167.jpg)
Tim Keltner.
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 23:33)

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