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I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on business - the third trip out there this winter -- when I heard from Des Moines fan Ann Totusek that Deanna Willis ("Dee" or "Misty") had passed away, and that she had been a well-loved fan in Kansas City and Des Moines fandom. Kansas City didn't look like it was that far from Tulsa, at least on the map I was looking at, so I decided I'd go up and pay my respects and represent L.A. fandom to the best of my ability.

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

2248-12248-01 (lost: dee005.jpg)
Charter Funerals.
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 14:14)

2248-22248-02 (lost: dee006.jpg)
Remembrances, photos, Dee's art.
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 14:16)

2248-32248-03 (lost: dee007.jpg)
Photos in memorial service.
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 15:09)

2248-42248-04 (lost: dee008.jpg)
Beauty and the Beast--Ann Totusek with gargoyle on her shoulder.
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 15:10)

2248-52248-05 (lost: dee009.jpg)
Megan Frank.
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 15:11)

2248-62248-06 (lost: dee010.jpg)
Margene Bahm.
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 15:12)

2248-72248-07 (lost: dee011.jpg)
Rick Urdiales in black vest.
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 15:14)

2248-82248-08 (lost: dee012.jpg)
Mark Hagerman, Megan Frank.
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 15:15)

2248-92248-09 (lost: dee013.jpg)
Inger Myers.
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 15:16)

2248-102248-10 (lost: dee014.jpg)
Mark Hagerman, Ann Totusek loading hot food in their van.
(Saturday 13-Mar-2004 15:19)

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