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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

2198-12198-01 (lost: smof206.jpg)
Xray machine at LAX. I didn"t know they had "800" numbers in the UK. "L3 communications Security & Detection Systems. U.S. 1-800-776-3031, U.K. 0-800-374809"
(Friday 05-Dec-2003 04:48)

2198-22198-02 (lost: smof207.jpg)
Java Java at LAX, everything is closed (or just opening up) because it's too early.
(Friday 05-Dec-2003 04:52)

2198-32198-03 (lost: smof209.jpg)
ATA desk at gate 38 at LAX. The sign is fine, it just looks funny because of an electronic LED thing.
(Friday 05-Dec-2003 04:54)

2198-42198-04 (lost: smof212.jpg)
White stuff all over the ground.
(Friday 05-Dec-2003 11:58)

2198-52198-05 (lost: smof213.jpg)
Chicago Midway airport. Looks like a space station corridor to me.
(Friday 05-Dec-2003 12:22)

2198-62198-06 (lost: smof217.jpg)
This terminal has windows that look out onto the street.
(Friday 05-Dec-2003 12:22)

2198-72198-07 (lost: smof218.jpg)
The planes have to maneuver around the construction.
(Friday 05-Dec-2003 12:23)

2198-82198-08 (lost: smof220.jpg)
Art, I think.
(Friday 05-Dec-2003 12:23)

2198-92198-09 (lost: smof223.jpg)
There are houses across the street from the airport terminal.
(Friday 05-Dec-2003)

2198-102198-10 (lost: smof228.jpg)
Concourse at Midway airport.
(Friday 05-Dec-2003 12:28)

2198-112198-11 (lost: smof230.jpg)
Battle of Midway Memorial.
(Friday 05-Dec-2003 12:31)

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