Miscellaneous Part 30 (Oct/Nov-2003)

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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

There's a numeric keypad built into the ATM. Why does it need to make another one come up on the touch screen?.
(Friday 03-Oct-2003 12:04)

2031-02 (lost: dog001.jpg), 2031-03 (lost: dog002.jpg).
Data Dog.
(Tuesday 11-Nov-2003 20:03)

2031-42031-04 (lost: depot009.jpg)
Roaster Oven at Home Depot.
(Thursday 13-Nov-2003 22:16)

2031-52031-05 (lost: depot010.jpg)
Stand Mixer at Home Depot.
(Thursday 13-Nov-2003 22:16)

2031-62031-06 (lost: candy028.jpg)
Hazelnuts for brittle.
(Sunday 23-Nov-2003 17:21)

2031-72031-07 (lost: candy029.jpg)
Melting sugar.
(Sunday 23-Nov-2003 17:22)

2031-82031-08 (lost: candy030.jpg)
Sugar syrup.
(Sunday 23-Nov-2003 18:54)

2031-92031-09 (lost: candy031.jpg)
Hazelnut brittle.
(Sunday 23-Nov-2003 18:58)

Hazelnut brittle, in container and plastic bag.
(Sunday 23-Nov-2003 20:50)