My new Kristi-Smart Coat (16-Sep-2003)

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Thanks to Shawn Longino for caption help on this page.

2028-12028-01 (lost: kristi001.jpg)
(Tuesday 16-Sep-2003 21:39)

2028-22028-02 (lost: kristi002.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden and new coat.
(Tuesday 16-Sep-2003 21:42)

2028-32028-03 (lost: kristi003.jpg)
Kristi Smart.
(Tuesday 16-Sep-2003 21:49)

2028-42028-04 (lost: kristi004.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden, Kristi Smart.
(Tuesday 16-Sep-2003 21:49)

2028-52028-05 (lost: kristi005.jpg)
Kristi Smart and her niece Camille Longino..
(Tuesday 16-Sep-2003 21:50)