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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

2020-12020-01 (lost: scifi088.jpg)
Genny Dazzo with some big globes.
(Saturday 13-Sep-2003 17:57)

2020-02 (lost: scifi089.jpg), 2020-04 (lost: scifi091.jpg), 2020-06 (lost: scifi093.jpg).
Christian B. McGuire engaged in earnest conversation.
(Saturday 13-Sep-2003)

2020-03 (lost: scifi090.jpg), 2020-07 (lost: scifi094.jpg).
Craig Miller playing with plastic slinky, Genny in background.
(Saturday 13-Sep-2003)

2020-52020-05 (lost: scifi092.jpg)
Genny Dazzo, Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink.
(Saturday 13-Sep-2003 20:13)

2020-82020-08 (lost: scifi095.jpg)
Craig Miller examines Genny Dazzo's equipment.
(Saturday 13-Sep-2003 20:15)

2020-92020-09 (lost: scifi096.jpg)
Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink.
(Saturday 13-Sep-2003 20:16)

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