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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

1987-11987-01 (lost: peggy001.jpg)
Peggy Little.
(Monday 30-Jun-2003 18:13)

1987-21987-02 (lost: crosby093.jpg)
Kim, Colleen Crosby and wedding dress.
(Saturday 14-Jun-2003 19:00)

1987-31987-03 (lost: pat087.jpg)
pat087 Eric Larson, Pat Larson.
(Wednesday 20-Aug-2003 14:03)

1987-41987-04 (lost: selina009.jpg)
Lynn Baden looking up at the special effects in the Rainforest Cafe.
(Sunday 14-Sep-2003 19:10)

1987-05 (lost: selina010.jpg), 1987-06 high-res image, 1987-07 (lost: selina012.jpg).
Selina Phanara.

1987-08 (lost: selina013.jpg), 1987-09 (lost: selina014.jpg).
Lynn Baden, Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Selina Phanara]
(Sunday 14-Sep-2003 20:35)

1987-101987-10 (lost: selina015.jpg)
Lynn giving Selina Phanara a big ol' hug.
(Sunday 14-Sep-2003 20:55)

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