Miscellaneous Part 28 (Jun/Sep-2003)

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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

1986-11986-01 (lost: street001.jpg)
Island in the middle of the street.
(Saturday 14-Jun-2003 13:42)

1986-21986-02 high-res image
Clamato y Tequila. The subheading says "Mezclalo." I think Mezclalo means "it'll put hair on your teeth."
(Saturday 14-Jun-2003 15:26)

1986-31986-03 (lost: lib001.jpg)
Teen Anime Night at the local library.
(Saturday 14-Jun-2003 13:14)

1986-41986-04 high-res image
Shawn's H-Wing car, in the middle of the year.
(Saturday 14-Jun-2003 18:57)

1986-51986-05 (lost: flam146.jpg)
For Stepfather's Day (the weekend after Father's Day), I received a wagon (the one Maria received from Santa many years ago) and a brightly wrapped box.
(Sunday 22-Jun-2003 22:42)

1986-06 (lost: flam153.jpg), 1986-07 high-res image.
The striped box contained a neon Flamingo.
(Sunday 22-Jun-2003 23:02)

1986-81986-08 high-res image
A neon Flamingo. Lynn Baden in the background.
(Sunday 22-Jun-2003 22:57)

1986-09 high-res image, 1986-10 (lost: bbq029.jpg).
The American Pasteurized Processed Cheese Food Product Singles comes with single-step instructions: "1 Open Here."
(Saturday 06-Sep-2003 16:01)

1986-111986-11 (lost: fg001.jpg)
Fan Gallery shipping case..
(Saturday 27-Sep-2003 15:33)

1986-121986-12 (lost: car086.jpg)
A roadster in Playa Del Rey. "Just Married."
(Saturday 27-Sep-2003 18:31)