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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

1982-11982-01 (lost: windy724.jpg)
Ken Hunt.
(Sunday 09-Nov-2003 13:30)

1982-21982-02 high-res image
Packing my stuff in Dora, the Ford Focus that wants to be an Explorer when she grows up.
(Sunday 09-Nov-2003 13:33)

1982-31982-03 high-res image offline
Carol Inkpen (Black Dragon Workshop), who's going to make me a frilly shirt to go with my velvet coat.
(Sunday 09-Nov-2003 13:53)

1982-41982-04 high-res image offline
Phil Parker with tarantula on his head.
(Sunday 09-Nov-2003 13:55)

1982-51982-05 high-res image
Hilton at O'Hare.
(Sunday 09-Nov-2003 14:36)

1982-61982-06 (lost: windy729.jpg)
Hot Dogs at O'Hare.
(Sunday 09-Nov-2003 15:21)

1982-71982-07 (lost: windy730.jpg)
Melanie (no last name provided) in pin striped suit at MSP airport.
(Sunday 09-Nov-2003 20:27)

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