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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

1971-01 high-res image offline, 1971-02 (lost: windy622.jpg), 1971-03 (lost: windy614.jpg), 1971-04 (lost: windy615.jpg).
Gaylaxicon party room. We have tiki guys hanging from various fixtures, such as the rainbow pride automobile-window flag out in the hall. The "Aloha" and tiki god are what you see as you come in the front door -- you have a dogleg to get around in order to see the rest of the room, it's not visible from the hall.
(Friday 07-Nov-2003 20:35)

Gaylaxicon party room. Lots of tiki decorations, including the two hula boys. We have bananas, sour gummi worms, and spicy sausage bites in this corner.
(Friday 07-Nov-2003 20:35)

1971-61971-06 (lost: windy617.jpg)
Another tiki guy. We have raisins with and without chocolate, and lemon meringues. Note "Everything Purple is Mine" bumper sticker.
(Friday 07-Nov-2003 20:35)

1971-71971-07 (lost: windy618.jpg)
(Friday 07-Nov-2003 20:36)

1971-08 (lost: windy619.jpg), 1971-09 (lost: windy620.jpg).
Surfer dude, table has mixed fruit, nuts, assorted cheese and crackers, Australian red licorice, grape tomatoes, and pink lemonade.
(Friday 07-Nov-2003 20:36)

1971-101971-10 (lost: windy621.jpg)
More decorations, and fresh vegetables, tangerines (not visible), apples, milk and dark chocolate cashews, and Brachs Realemon Lemon Drops candy.
(Friday 07-Nov-2003 20:36)

1971-11 (lost: windy624.jpg), 1971-12 high-res image offline.
Sciffy Circo with bear slippers she purchased at Spencers (Gifts) at Fox Valley Mall in Naperville.
(Friday 07-Nov-2003 21:14)

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