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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

1965-11965-01 (lost: windy557.jpg)
Gate 26 at LAX.
(Thursday 06-Nov-2003 23:37)

1965-21965-02 (lost: windy558.jpg)
Stuff I'm carrying onto the plane.
(Thursday 06-Nov-2003 23:39)

1965-31965-03 (lost: windy559.jpg)
Gate G18 at MSP.
(Friday 07-Nov-2003 06:25)

1965-41965-04 high-res image offline
My luggage, loaded on my cart.
(Friday 07-Nov-2003 08:18)

1965-51965-05 high-res image offline
Follow the red or blue arrows from baggage claim at O'Hare.
(Friday 07-Nov-2003 08:21)

1965-61965-06 high-res image
Hilton on the way to the trains.
(Friday 07-Nov-2003 08:23)

1965-71965-07 (lost: windy563.jpg)
Rosemont CTA station.
(Friday 07-Nov-2003 08:43)

1965-81965-08 high-res image
Hyatt Woodfield, location of Windycon XXX.
(Friday 07-Nov-2003 09:20)

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