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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

1849-11849-01 (lost: chat202.jpg)
BFI dumpsters behind Harbor Freight Tools. I think the dumpsters might be color coded for recycling sorting -- the green one was chock full of cardboard. I dumped my cardboard boxes (from my party) here, which is where I'd pick up a bunch of them in the first place.
(Monday 28-Jul-2003 11:18)

1849-21849-02 high-res image offline
Brach & Brock Confections, in Chattanooga. In 1994, the Brach's and Brock's candy companies merged. Specifically, the chairman of the board of E.J. Brach purchased all of the shares of Chattanooga-based Brock Candy Confections. Pretty lucky for those of us who had difficulty telling them apart anyway. While the sign on the building in Chattaanooga still says "Brach & Brock," it appears that they've discontinued the Brock trademark, and the official company name is Brach's Confections.
(Monday 28-Jul-2003 11:55)

1849-31849-03 high-res image offline
Star Brites peppermint candy samples at the Brach & Brock candy factory.
(Monday 28-Jul-2003 11:56)

1849-41849-04 high-res image offline
Tennessee Valley Railroad -- an operating museum. Didn't have time to go down and check it out, though. They're next door to the NMRA headquarters building.
(Monday 28-Jul-2003 12:05)

1849-51849-05 high-res image offline
National Model Railroad Association headquarters building. I have a model of this building somewhere, from the fundraising effort they had to build this thing. It was nice to see it in real life -- I guess they raised enough money to build it. Didn't have the time to go in, though. Maybe next time I'm in town.
(Monday 28-Jul-2003 12:06)

This gentleman was walking along the road in the hot sun, after an afternoon of paying bills on foot. I gave him a lift the rest of the way home. It turned out his house (shown behind him) was only a mile or so from where I picked him up.
(Monday 28-Jul-2003 15:51)

1849-71849-07 high-res image offline
Before turning in the rental car, I had dinner at "Bar-B-Cutie" in Nashville.
(Monday 28-Jul-2003 17:48)

1849-81849-08 high-res image offline
Everywhere I went in Nashville and Chattanooga, I had the choice of regular Iced Tea or Unsweet Iced Tea. (When I went to Toronto the following month, there was no unsweetened iced tea to be had, anywhere.)
(Monday 28-Jul-2003 17:53)

1849-91849-09 (lost: chat211.jpg)
These two ladies were seated near me on the plane.
(Monday 28-Jul-2003 14:19)

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