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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

1830-11830-01 high-res image offline
Dallas Fort Worth Terminal A map, showing where the concessions are in relation to the gates.
(Thursday 24-Jul-2003 06:29)

1830-02 high-res image offline, 1830-03 (lost: chat012.jpg).
Cute airplane sculptures outside the baggage claim at Nashville.
(Thursday 24-Jul-2003 11:30)

1830-04 (lost: chat013.jpg), 1830-05 high-res image, 1830-06 high-res image.
Cars on display in the Nashville airport
(Thursday 24-Jul-2003 11:40)

1830-71830-07 (lost: chat022.jpg)
Hitchhiker. I was very tired and needed company (and food). He was walking along the freeway. He'd been to Kentucky for a friend's funeral, and the bus ride home promised to him didn't materialized. So, he was hitching and hiking, trying to get back to Florida so he could go to work on Monday. I took him as far as Chattanooga, which put him along a good north-south route to continue his journey south.
(Thursday 24-Jul-2003 16:52)

1830-81830-08 high-res image offline
The hotel where Libertycon/DeepSouthCon was held. This year it was called the Best Value Inn (East Ridge TN).
(Monday 28-Jul-2003 10:52)

1830-91830-09 (lost: chat200.jpg)
Picnic and pool area.
(Monday 28-Jul-2003 10:51)

1830-101830-10 (lost: chat199.jpg)
Where the wing that burned down was.
(Monday 28-Jul-2003 10:51)

1830-111830-11 high-res image offline
The patio. Straight ahead is the lobby. To the right are function rooms including where the Con Suite was held.
(Monday 28-Jul-2003 10:38)

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