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1805-11805-01 high-res image
Dennis Miller.
(Sunday 08-Jun-2003 13:44)

1805-21805-02 (lost: picnic022.jpg)
Peter Edick.
(Sunday 08-Jun-2003 13:51)

1805-31805-03 (lost: picnic023.jpg)
Big and little Alex. Alex Go carrying Alexandra Brown.
(Sunday 08-Jun-2003 13:53)

1805-41805-04 high-res image
Larry Niven, Peggy Little.
(Sunday 08-Jun-2003 14:11)

1805-51805-05 (lost: picnic025.jpg)
Grant David Brown, and Jordan Brown.
(Sunday 08-Jun-2003 14:22)

Michael Mason.
(Sunday 08-Jun-2003 14:52)

1805-71805-07 (lost: picnic027.jpg)
Kimberlee Brown, and Fuzzy Niven.
(Sunday 08-Jun-2003 15:34)

1805-81805-08 (lost: picnic028.jpg)
Anne Morrel, Bill Ellern.
(Sunday 08-Jun-2003 16:10)

1805-09 (lost: picnic029.jpg), 1805-10 high-res image.
Peggy Little.
(Sunday 08-Jun-2003 16:39)

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