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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Colleen Crosby for caption help on this page.

1802-11802-01 high-res image
Another robotic exhibit.
(Saturday 17-May-2003 15:06)

1802-21802-02 high-res image
Jared Paulson, Jon Paulson.
(Saturday 17-May-2003 15:09)

1802-31802-03 (lost: jpl014.jpg)
"Field ion microscopy and atom probe tomography of metamorphic magnetite crystals."
(Saturday 17-May-2003 15:12)

1802-41802-04 (lost: jpl015.jpg)
"This drains to Arroyo Seco. Please no dumping."
(Saturday 17-May-2003 15:16)

1802-51802-05 (lost: jpl016.jpg)
Corner of Surveyor Road and D Road.
(Saturday 17-May-2003 15:17)

1802-61802-06 (lost: jpl017.jpg)
Colleen Crosby, and Jared Paulson riding on Renee Paulson.
(Saturday 17-May-2003 15:17)

1802-71802-07 (lost: jpl018.jpg)
Shawn Crosby and Scott Martin.
(Saturday 17-May-2003 15:18)

1802-81802-08 high-res image
"Robodox" robot entry.
(Saturday 17-May-2003 15:20)

1802-91802-09 (lost: jpl020.jpg)
Colleen's new car.
(Saturday 17-May-2003 16:00)

1802-10 (lost: jpl021.jpg), 1802-11 (lost: jpl022.jpg).
Shawn and Colleen in Colleen's new car.
(Saturday 17-May-2003 16:05)

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