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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Colleen Crosby for caption help on this page.

1801-11801-01 high-res image
JPL parking lot.
(Saturday 17-May-2003 14:19)

1801-21801-02 (lost: jpl002.jpg)
Main entrance to JPL.
(Saturday 17-May-2003 14:33)

1801-31801-03 (lost: jpl003.jpg)
JPL main sign.
(Saturday 17-May-2003 14:34)

1801-41801-04 high-res image
"Welcome to JPL's Open House" banner.
(Saturday 17-May-2003 14:34)

1801-51801-05 (lost: jpl005.jpg)
Static display. Various diagrams.
(Saturday 17-May-2003 14:37)

1801-61801-06 (lost: jpl006.jpg)
(Saturday 17-May-2003 14:37)

1801-71801-07 (lost: jpl007.jpg)
Monica Eiland, Tapani Ronni.
(Saturday 17-May-2003 14:48)

1801-81801-08 (lost: jpl008.jpg)
"First rocket engine firing in Arroyo Seco" exhibit.
(Saturday 17-May-2003 14:51)

1801-91801-09 (lost: jpl009.jpg)
Kim Bergdahl, Jeff Bergdahl, Kevin Gray, and Shawn Crosby.
(Saturday 17-May-2003 14:56)

1801-101801-10 (lost: jpl010.jpg)
Renee Paulson, Colleen Crosby, Jared Paulson in front of Colleen, and Jon Paulson.
(Saturday 17-May-2003 14:56)

1801-111801-11 high-res image
Man with a small robotic explorer thing.
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(Saturday 17-May-2003 15:05)

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