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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

1794-01 (lost: lasfs768.jpg), 1794-02 high-res image.
Michelle Pincus, Ben Massoglia.
(Thursday 19-Jun-2003 21:10)

1794-31794-03 (lost: lasfs770.jpg)
Michelle Pincus.
(Thursday 19-Jun-2003 21:10)

1794-41794-04 (lost: lasfs771.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden.
(Thursday 19-Jun-2003 21:11)

1794-51794-05 (lost: lasfs772.jpg)
Hare Hobbs.
(Thursday 19-Jun-2003 21:18)

1794-61794-06 (lost: lasfs773.jpg)
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(Thursday 19-Jun-2003 21:20)

1794-71794-07 (lost: lasfs774.jpg)
George Van Wagner.
(Thursday 19-Jun-2003 21:20)

1794-08 high-res image, 1794-09 (lost: lasfs776.jpg).
Mike "Tiny" Korp, with his lovely bride Laura Korp, stopping off at the LASFS after the honeymoon.
(Thursday 19-Jun-2003 21:20)

1794-101794-10 (lost: lasfs777.jpg)
Liz Mortensen.
(Thursday 19-Jun-2003 21:23)

1794-111794-11 (lost: lasfs778.jpg)
Vanessa Van Wagner.
(Thursday 19-Jun-2003 21:23)

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