Miscellaneous Part 26 (Jan/Feb-2003)

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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

1790-11790-01 high-res image
Shawn Crosby's H-Wing car.
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003 15:05 Wed)

1790-21790-02 high-res image
Someone sent me a scan of a bilingual (Candaian?) Jelly box.
Click on picture, scroll down to submit caption info.
(Thursday 02-Jan-2003 01:03 Thu)

1790-31790-03 (lost: craig186.jpg)
Soda pop in Craig and Genny's bathtub.
(Monday 13-Jan-2003 19:57)

1790-41790-04 high-res image
Shower stall. This is what it looks like without the shower door (which shattered and is being replaced).
(Wednesday 15-Jan-2003)

1790-51790-05 (lost: home140.jpg)
Old shower stall wall. The door is gone, this is surplus. We had no use for a big sheet of tempered glass so we tossed it.
(Wednesday 15-Jan-2003)

1790-61790-06 high-res image
"To Beer or not to Beer" t-shirt from Papas & Beer, Baja Mexico.
(Friday 17-Jan-2003 06:24)

1790-71790-07 (lost: lafd008.jpg)
Parking in LA. This is in or near the garment district, and I basically took the photo to remember where I parked.
(Saturday 08-Feb-2003 14:31)

1790-81790-08 high-res image
Two musicians on the corner. Between them they had one leg.
(Saturday 08-Feb-2003 14:34)

1790-91790-09 (lost: lafd010.jpg)
Trashcan in the L.A. Fashion District.
(Saturday 08-Feb-2003 14:56)

1790-11 (lost: lafd012.jpg), 1790-10 (lost: lafd011.jpg).
Champion Embroidery World, a place that does embroidery.
(Saturday 08-Feb-2003 14:58)

1790-121790-12 high-res image
Man with interesting pants.
(Saturday 08-Feb-2003 15:09)