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The Mann Festival movie theater in Westwood was showing "Moulin Rouge" as a midnight special on Friday nights. Most of the cast from L'Etoile Rouge ("Lux After Dark") decided to dress up in their can-can dresses and finery, and see the show.

1671-01 high-res image, 1671-02 (lost: moulin002.jpg).
Colleen Crosby in her underthings.
(Friday 25-Apr-2003 22:52)

1671-31671-03 (lost: moulin003.jpg)
Michael Reed, Scott Martin.
(Friday 25-Apr-2003 22:59)

1671-04 (lost: moulin004.jpg), 1671-05 (lost: moulin006.jpg), 1671-06 (lost: moulin007.jpg).
David Milano.
(Friday 25-Apr-2003 23:00)

1671-71671-07 (lost: moulin005.jpg)
Shawn Crosby.
(Friday 25-Apr-2003 23:00)

1671-08 (lost: moulin008.jpg), 1671-09 (lost: moulin009.jpg).
Michael Reed with glass.
(Friday 25-Apr-2003 23:01)

1671-101671-10 (lost: moulin010.jpg)
Shawn Crosby, Chaz Boston Baden.
(Friday 25-Apr-2003 23:03)

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