Maria and her Room Part 21 (Jan/Apr/Jun/Jul/Sep-2003)

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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

1660-01 (lost: mea504.jpg), 1660-02 high-res image.
Maria Rodriguez and the desk in her room.
(Saturday 11-Jan-2003 20:37)

1660-31660-03 (lost: mea506.jpg)
Maria's desk.
(Saturday 11-Jan-2003 20:37)

1660-41660-04 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez in the pink dress.
(Monday 21-Apr-2003 00:25)

1660-51660-05 (lost: mea508.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez holding an open-ended adjustable wrench ("crescent wrench").
(Monday 21-Apr-2003 00:25)

1660-61660-06 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez and blanket she made.
(Wednesday 18-Jun-2003 23:59)

1660-71660-07 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez and her new car.
(Sunday 20-Jul-2003 17:13)

1660-81660-08 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez
(Sunday 20-Jul-2003 18:17)

1660-09 (lost: mea147.jpg), 1660-10 high-res image, 1660-12 (lost: mea150.jpg).
Maria Rodriguez in a new top.
(Sunday 28-Sep-2003 23:47)

1660-111660-11 high-res image
Maria's freshly-painted toes.
(Sunday 28-Sep-2003 23:47)