Miscellaneous Part 25: The Beach on New Year's Day (01-Jan-2003)

Rev. 21-Jul-2009 12:03:58

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

1659-11659-01 (lost: beach01.jpg)
Californians enjoying the ocean on a cool New Year's Day.
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003 14:35 Wed)

1659-21659-02 (lost: beach02.jpg)
More people in the ocean.
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003 14:35 Wed)

1659-31659-03 (lost: beach04.jpg)
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003 14:39 Wed)

1659-41659-04 high-res image
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003 14:36 Wed)

1659-51659-05 (lost: beach05.jpg)
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003 14:40 Wed)

1659-61659-06 (lost: beach06.jpg)
Boy in red shorts running by.
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003 14:42 Wed)

1659-71659-07 (lost: beach07.jpg)
Plane going by overhead.
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003 14:44 Wed)

AVI movie of people frolicking in the ocean as the surf rolls in (3.2 MB)
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003)

AVI movie of people playing in the surf (3.2 MB)
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003)

AVI movie of children playing in the surf (3.2 MB)
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003)

AVI movie of another plane leaving LAX (3.2 MB)
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003)