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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

1621-11621-01 (lost: craig100.jpg)
The house.
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003 16:58)

1621-21621-02 (lost: craig101.jpg)
Smudge the Cat, Craig Miller, and Selina Phanara.
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003 17:01)

1621-31621-03 (lost: craig102.jpg)
Rob McMillin.
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003 17:06)

1621-41621-04 (lost: craig103.jpg)
Rob McMillin, Helen Simmons-McMillin.
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003 17:09)

1621-51621-05 (lost: craig104.jpg)
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003 17:14)

1621-61621-06 (lost: craig105.jpg)
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003 17:14)

1621-71621-07 (lost: craig106.jpg)
R-Laurraine Tutihasi, Michael Weasner.
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003 17:16)

1621-08 (lost: craig108.jpg), 1621-09 (lost: craig109.jpg), 1621-10 (lost: craig110.jpg).
Tom Stern. To take these pictures without flash, I braced the camera against the side of the fridge.
(Wednesday 01-Jan-2003 17:18)

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